Jason is clearly on a mission to ensure that organizations have a shared understanding of HOW FUNDRAISING REALLY WORKS...
— Julie Sootin, Executive Director, Association of Development Officers
Sector leaders should acquiesce to Jason Lewis’ brand of disruption and innovation, heed his warnings and courageously consider his counsel.
— Greg Warner, Founder & CEO, MarketSmart, & Author of Engagement Fundraising
This book is important reading for those who don’t understand fundraising, and is essential reading for those who think they do.
— Dr. Beth Breeze, Director, Centre for Philanthropy, University of Kent & Author of The New Fundraisers: Who Organizes Charitable Giving in Contemporary Society?
If I were building my first library of required reading for nonprofit leaders and aspiring fundraisers, this would be first on the list.
— Ellen Bristol, President, Bristol Strategy Group, & Author of Fundraising the SMART Way: Predictable, Consistent Income Growth for Your Charity
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The War for Fundraising Talent

An Honest Yet Hopeful Critique of Contemporary Fundraising Practices

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The Fundraising Toolbox

A Shared Understanding of How Fundraising Really Works

Planning Model #1

Two Fundraising Cultures

The first planning model in our toolbox distinguishes between two fundraising cultures; the top loop is characterized by trivial gifts, high donor attrition and high employee turnover while the bottom loop is recognized for meaningful engagement in anticipation of meaningful support. Only in the bottom loop can fundraising professionals be recognized and admired for meaningful work.

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Planning Model #2

Three Lanes Approach

The second planning model in our toolbox affords a below-the-surface perspective of how effective fundraising really works. This model demonstrates how to align expectations for everyone around the planning table and how to discern trivial, meaningful and significant gifts.

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Planning Model #3

Key Performance Indicators

Our third planning model demonstrates how to prioritize our time with the organizations most valuable donors, how to track and monitor key patterns of work, and how deliberate practices can maximize fundraising performance. This tool is designed to align expectations between the development office, the executive suite and the boardroom.

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Planning Model #4

Effective Campaign Planning

Our toolbox culminates with a tool designed to ensure that organizations understand how to orchestrate a successful capital campaign and other major gift initiatives. This planning model reveals the tension inherent in the campaign success curve, the reality of the twelve-year spread, and when is the best time to "go to press" with your case for support.

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The Fundraising Talent Podcast

Asking Our Profession’s Most Difficult Questions


Jason Lewis, CFRE & AFP Master Trainer

Jason Lewis, CFRE & AFP Master Trainer, provides the sector with an often needed contrarian voice, willing to question deeply ingrained beliefs and assumptions of how effective fundraising really works. Whether writing. speaking or consulting, Jason challenges the prevailing wisdom about effective fundraising practices, hiring decisions, and donor behavior.