Placement and Training


Fundraising is an emerging profession that is currently working its way through its messy adolescent years. Those who entered the profession two and three decades ago are now finding their practices under siege by technology and evolving expectations from a new generation of major donors. Rather than relying on the disciplines of advertising, marketing and public relations, fundraising is coming of age and developing its own standards of practice and performance. 

This evolution of the profession makes identifying, hiring and retaining a high-capacity fundraising professional very difficult especially for smaller organizations. Only the largest organizations in the non-profit sector have mastered this unique category of employment. At Lewis Fundraising, our recruitment of fundraising professionals focuses on those individuals and partnering organizations who share a mutual commitment to meaningful engagement and direct solicitation. 

For example, we most recently assisted our client in the Denver-Metro area with the recruitment, hiring and training of a promising fundraising professional. We deliberately focused on identifying candidates with less than five years of experience and demonstrated a strong commitment to developing their strengths as a high-capacity fundraising professional. We will continue to partner with the client and their new employee providing a coaching and oversight relationship to ensure steady and measurable growth.


Achievement of an organization’s fundraising goals begins with aligning board, committee and executive leadership around a shared understanding of effective fundraising. Each of our fundraising seminars uses a systems framework wherein we recognize that the fundraising philosophy informs the plan; the plan determines the people who are hired; those who are employed drive fundraising performance; and performance reflects fundraising philosophy.

Our fundraising seminars are ideal for board and leadership retreats. These seminars are available individually or as part of a comprehensive fundraising solution for your school community. Our most popular fundraising-related seminars are:

  • The Contrarian’s Guide to Effective Fundraising (Two-Day)
  • Deconstructing the (un)Successful Capital Campaign (Half-Day)
  • Winning the War for Fundraising Talent (Half-Day)
  • Planning, Hiring, and Evaluating for Fundraising Performance (One-Day)